The International Electronic Press Association (IEPA ) looks back at a history of 53 years. IEPA was instituted on March1, 2012 as a contemporary re-establishment and consolidation of the traditional “Union Internationale de la Presse Electronique founded in 1959, Ever since, it is unique as the world´s only association of international writers, authors and publishers of the electronic press. Its members in Europe and Overseas convey informations about all electronic matters to a worldwide readership.


The IEPA aims to enhance the reputation of electronic expert journalists and to promote the exchange of ideas and opinions and the flow of information between trade editors and journalists, manufacturers, institutions and authorities. Its further target is thepromotion of their image to the grand public.

Significance of IEPA

Members of IEPA address experts, seeking orientational assistance to monitor and understand new developments in order to derive knowledge and experience. The high utilization rate of the specialized trade press signifies its importance for the economy, politics and society. IEPA members possess the necessary background knowledge and competence to handle contentious issues and rectify them if necessary. The most important taks of IEPA is to maintain a continous flow of intelligence to the economy, authorities and politicians about trade press issues.

Advantages of Membership

The IEPA has access to information worldwide and can assist its members to obtain supportive material for their daily work routines. It maintains relationships to enterprises, organizers and authorities to assist members in contacting them for accredition or other advantages. On the other hand, industries and authorities will be able to find appropriate writers for their jobs. Hence, the offer of an becoming an institutional member is an added advantage of UIPRE.

Services of IEPA

The IEPA is forming a network of electronic trade journalists worldwide. Its members receive:

  • the internationally recognized IEA press card
  • the “Bulletin”, an Online information tool enabling networking between members and obtaining news about changes and new developments.
  • Informational meetings and personal contacts on major trade fairs.

Categories of Membership

The IEPA knows the “active”  and the “institutional”  membership. Active membership status can be obtained by electronic trade journalists, editors, authors and publishers actively and certifiably engaged in this business- Institutional membership status can be obtained by manufacturers, companies, authorities, chambers, publishing companies, news agencies and all entities friendly to the electronics trade. These institutions must name an executive person to represent them at IEPA.

Ethic Policies

IEPA members are committed to their readers and avoid every alliance of their work with advertising, public relations or other profit seeking endavours. Special emphasis is stressed to the observance of copy rights in order to prevent unauthorized assumption of other sources.

How to become a Member

Admission as a member requires to complete an application form, available from the president or any other board member, including a proof of proficiency. This proof can consist of copies or hyperlinks to at least four related stories, bearing the by-line of the applicant and published during the last six months. Alternatively, the candidate may name two members of IEPA as his guarantors.

A short resume of the candidate including his photo will be published in the “Bulletin” , and in case there is no objection from the side of members, he will be admitted at least within eight weeks.

Cost of Membership

The amount of the annual membership fee is calculated on the base of covering operational costs only in order to keep the individual burden reasonable. As per 2012, it is 100 EUR per year for active members and 250 EUR for institutional members.